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Tumblr is dying

And these images are why Tumblr is still broken, dying 6 weeks later AND the appeals process is bullshit. Some of you might know about Tumblr’s laughable attempt to expunge adult contentfrom their system using AI. That I moved the really ‘adult’ and pron-tastic ‘Retire To The Parlour’ blog to this server as a result.

I appealed all these laughable ‘adult’ tags and they are STILL not sorted. According to Tumblr’s own new TOS, drawings, artworks and illustrations of nudity are fine. Doesn’t stop them still flagging my life drawings as ‘porn’ though.

Even in the one photographhere, there is NO genitalia shown, apart from one that you’d need a magnifying glass to see anything!. It’s a photo of a male sauna, so any ‘obscenity’ is in the eye of the beholder, there is no sex happening there. 

Really, Tumblr is full of shit. 

They promised the bot would get ‘better’ on our dime as WE taught our censor masters as the test dataset of our work. Originally the system flagged a completely dressed man in a bowler hat and a close-up of a Holbein painting. Arbeit macht frei, indeed. Fuck off Tumblr, your censor bot is a mistake. It still doesn’t work, and your appeal system still leaves perfectly fine artworks and photos on the chopping block.

And I’m going to repeat cross-post it until they fucking listen.

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