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    Tumblr is dying

    And these images are why Tumblr is still broken, dying 6 weeks later AND the appeals process is bullshit. Some of you might know about Tumblr’s laughable attempt to expunge adult contentfrom their system using AI. That I moved the really ‘adult’ and pron-tastic ‘Retire To The Parlour’ blog to this server as a result.

    I appealed all these laughable ‘adult’ tags and they are STILL not sorted. According to Tumblr’s own new TOS, drawings, artworks and illustrations of nudity are fine. Doesn’t stop them still flagging my life drawings as ‘porn’ though.

    Even in the one photographhere, there is NO genitalia shown, apart from one that you’d need a magnifying glass to see anything!. It’s a photo of a male sauna, so any ‘obscenity’ is in the eye of the beholder, there is no sex happening there. 

    Really, Tumblr is full of shit. 

    They promised the bot would get ‘better’ on our dime as WE taught our censor masters as the test dataset of our work. Originally the system flagged a completely dressed man in a bowler hat and a close-up of a Holbein painting. Arbeit macht frei, indeed. Fuck off Tumblr, your censor bot is a mistake. It still doesn’t work, and your appeal system still leaves perfectly fine artworks and photos on the chopping block.

    And I’m going to repeat cross-post it until they fucking listen.

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    An old photo of a formless ghost I reblogged is being flagged!  This is madness.  

    Oh… and a painting of hands

    -a photograph of some woods 

    -a Rossetti painting 

    -a Gericault painting of a fully clothed painter

    – a picture of a living room, 

    -George IV riding a horse

     -an illustration from Dickens’ Barnaby Rudge

    -a midshipman’s uniform

    -a window

    I’ll add these have been flagged on this very blog:

    – A fully clothed picture of a Victorian man in a top hat

    – Two Holbein portraits. He only did clothed people and faces!

    – A photo of Matisse drawing a naked male abstract greek statue, a Kouros. Not sexual at all.

    – Two men wrestling in shorts – that was an illustration too

    – A drawing of Nietzsche naked but no genitalia shown

    – A life drawing of a man but again no genitalia shown

    – Nicoletto da Modena etching of a Triton (again, not even a human bottom half so no genitalia)

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    A dapper Matisse drawing a Kouros (a greek male youth) in the Louvre, 1932. Note no stools, no massive drawing pad or equipment, just a small pad and pencil (people who clog up the National Gallery or Tate trying to create their masterpieces please take note). Credit unknown.

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    John Peter Russel – 5 studies of Vincent Van Gogh

    “Sydney-born John Russell was the only Australian artist to have been closely associated with some of the most original and influential artists in France at the end of the nineteenth century, namely Auguste Rodin, Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh and Henri Matisse. Russell painted van Gogh in 1886, shortly after meeting him at Fernand Cormon’s studio school in Paris, which they both attended. The portrait passed from van Gogh to his family and is now in the collection of the Vincent van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. This sheet of studies appears to be from a year or so later however, possibly 1888, since van Gogh appears with a shaved head, or very closely cropped hair, as he painted himself in 1888. The year 1888 was significant for both artists – van Gogh left Paris for Arles in February and Russell married one of Rodin’s young models, Marianna Mattiocco and moved into a newly built house to his own design, on Belle-Île off the coast of Brittany. Though they didn’t see each other again, they did write”

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    I do sometimes cover old artistic nudity or naturism (no sex please we’re British) in this blog, so if y’all bothered by that then please unfollow/unsub.

    I’m loving Academic Nudes for 19th century life drawings and paintings…big part of academic art training in Victorian times was the life model, many studies of men, women and children in the classical mode to help with later work painting and sculpting. When I did art training apart from my foundation this had mostly fallen out of favour…shame because I loved life drawing. I do wonder about the models – it paid well but in the social mores of the time it was frowned upon, although there were many contradictions, it was far from covering ankles of chairs…

    Melina Eudoxie Daviau (1874-1961): Academic Male Nudes 1900-1907