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    How little changes…I work in advertising (don’t judge me! I merely create the ads rather than design them, far too soul destroying for my like) and just like the terrible Burger King 9/11 free fries ad, I have had a few of these forced on me…one of them was to edit footage of Hitler to make him ‘humorous’ – I was not amused.



    November 11th, 1917

    War! What is it good for?… Hard sell advertising apparently.

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    Before the earthquake

    Footage of San Francisco’s Market Street, taken from a camera mounted to a cable car on April 14, 1906– just four days before the big earthquake. This is apparently the first 35mm film ever taken. The Ferry Building, at the end of the street, is still there.

    San Francisco 1906 (repaired) (by karenhowes74)

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    There are quite a few videos on YouTube re: the Titanic – sadly quite a lot referring to that terrible travesty of a movie by James Cameron and quite a few people that scarily can’t tell fact from fiction. Above is a nice one that does indeed include portraits so it’s on track roughly with this blog. I also saw one that had more cross-fades from old pictures to new wreck pictures (hey all you Titanic slideshow video creators, why don’t you do that instead of another boring one of Jack n’ Kate?) and then couldn’t find it again under the deluge – this is the closest to that one:


    My fascination for Royal Mail Steamer Titanic and it’s demise comes from the fact it was one of the last gasps of an extremely opulent aristocratic and moneyed world that was pretty much destroyed by WW1 and later events…how I wish I could go back there (and leave before the iceberg hit, of course). We shall not know it’s like again.

    By the way one of the songs that I was listening to while I was in the exhibition actually looking at the ship’s bell was strangely prescient – Broken Bells, Sailing to Nowhere:


    Oh and spook! the wallpaper I randomly chose for this blog is very close to that which was in the First Class bedrooms –  if the mockup at the Artifacts exhibition was correct.