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    A more traditional shot of Edward VII. Strange how the younger shots of him his beard doesn’t really suit him – one of the things about beards is sometimes it takes years or a certain time before they bed in, they’re not an overnight thing. Or maybe there’s just a time when they just work, I dunno. They work better on older men, certainly…on younger guys it can look like a strange attempt to look older (guilty as charged!) or misplaced. Depends on the person/face I think.

    Anyway Edward looks grand and regal here. Maybe he’s thinking of putting out fires.

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    Not only did Edward VII wear kilts and captain’s uniforms, apparently he also when younger liked to wear a fireman’s uniform – after a fire in his youth he became obsessed with fires and firemen – and had permission to go and put out fires!

    The “king” who wanted to be a fireman was Albert Edward, Prince of Wales (later Edward VII). His interest in firefighting began in 1864, when there was a blaze in the nursery of Marlborough House, the home of the Prince and Princess of Wales.

    The Prince of Wales helped put out the burning floorboards and organised servants in a human chain to carry jugs and buckets of water. He got such a buzz from his actions that he asked the fire brigade if he could assist with fighting future major fires in the capital. His wish was granted.

    After donning a fireman’s uniform and helmet, he was present when a blaze destroyed the 17th-century Saville House in Leicester Square in 1865. Queen Victoria, his mother, was said to disapprove of such “gallivanting”, but to no avail.

    I’ve heard he used to hang around Soho dressed as a fireman…cue jokes/fantasies about big hoses and firemen’s lifts *swoon*

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    King Edward VII with his terrier Caesar, 1908, Caesar outlived the King and walked behind his coffin in the funeral procession. From the Royal Collection.