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    Georges Ernest Boulanger by Nadar.

    Shot himself a few months after his mistress died, Marguerite Bonnemain which wikipedia tells us:

    “ She became the lover of the French general and minister Boulanger and died in his arms in July 1891. At his request ‘A bientôt’ (‘See you soon’) was engraved on her tomb. Two months later he shot himself in front of her grave and ‘Ai-je bien pu vivre deux mois et demi sans toi?’ (‘Did I really live two and a half months without you?’) was added to the epitaph.“

    Also rumoured to have frequented the infamous male brothel in Cleveland Street, London. He looks the naughty type.

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    Of course, you couldn’t post old pictures of anarchists without the disheveled chic of Mikhail Bakunin, Russian revolutionary anarchist and founder of collectivist anarchism.

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    John William Lloyd, American anarchist/socialist and friend of Edward Carpenter, and also had some unusual ideas about sex – he invented the Karezza method, similar to Coitus Reservatus.

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    Anarchists can be fly too!
    Benjamin Tucker – American anarchist and editor of Liberty.

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    Honorable Oliver P. Morton of Indiana, 1870 by Mathew Brady. Amazing depth of field here…not seen (m)any shots using that creatively from this time.

    Did you know Brady died penniless when the US government refused to buy his war photos?