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    Max Slevogt in the garden

    If you said there was something very Cezanne or Manet about this painting, you’d be correct at least in the latter case, he was influenced by Manet.

    Max Slevogt, Self-Portrait in the garden at Godramstein, 1910. More info here.

    In later life his style became much more loose, more stucco. Like my favourite print of his:

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    Aquatic party

    “Members of the Brighton Swimming Club entertain the crowds gathered on  Brighton’s West Pier by holding a tea party on a wooden raft. (The Graphic, 1881). Some of the men swim out to the raft, but others attempt to reach the refreshments by riding wooden horses made from barrels. The man on the raft pouring the tea is believed to be John Hawgood (1844-1896), a clothier and furniture dealer of North Road, Brighton. Hawgood was a local swimming champion who went on to become the Honorary Secretary of  the Brighton Swimming Club in 1886. The Aquatic Tea Party at Brighton was a traditional event that had been staged near the West Pier since the 1860s. For instance, a Brighton newspaper informed the public that on 3rd August, 1868, “Captain Camp (John Henry Camp ), the one-legged swimmer, will prepare and partake of breakfast on the water“.”

    Again, I could see the hipsters of Brighton still doing this! More info here.

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    An old photo of a formless ghost I reblogged is being flagged!  This is madness.  

    Oh… and a painting of hands

    -a photograph of some woods 

    -a Rossetti painting 

    -a Gericault painting of a fully clothed painter

    – a picture of a living room, 

    -George IV riding a horse

     -an illustration from Dickens’ Barnaby Rudge

    -a midshipman’s uniform

    -a window

    I’ll add these have been flagged on this very blog:

    – A fully clothed picture of a Victorian man in a top hat

    – Two Holbein portraits. He only did clothed people and faces!

    – A photo of Matisse drawing a naked male abstract greek statue, a Kouros. Not sexual at all.

    – Two men wrestling in shorts – that was an illustration too

    – A drawing of Nietzsche naked but no genitalia shown

    – A life drawing of a man but again no genitalia shown

    – Nicoletto da Modena etching of a Triton (again, not even a human bottom half so no genitalia)

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    Georges Ernest Boulanger by Nadar.

    Shot himself a few months after his mistress died, Marguerite Bonnemain which wikipedia tells us:

    “ She became the lover of the French general and minister Boulanger and died in his arms in July 1891. At his request ‘A bientôt’ (‘See you soon’) was engraved on her tomb. Two months later he shot himself in front of her grave and ‘Ai-je bien pu vivre deux mois et demi sans toi?’ (‘Did I really live two and a half months without you?’) was added to the epitaph.“

    Also rumoured to have frequented the infamous male brothel in Cleveland Street, London. He looks the naughty type.

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    Matisse at work on an illustration for his book, Ulysses, 1953. No credit either and this is from the (official?) Henri Matisse site….I do look for credits for ALL images, as a photographer it pisses me off when things of mine are reposted without credit. But even with Google Image search you can call a blank quite often.