Stumblr / Photo Liberation

As I’ve now decided to not use Tumblr for rather obvious reasons (not that most of my content was sexual, but when pictures of fully clothed Victorian men in top hats, deserts are seen as breasts and Holbein portraits get flagged as ‘adult’ then it’s time to leave.

So you can find my formerly Tumblr blogs here:

  • Streetise – my long-running mobile blog of my street photography
  • Promenade – my photographic series of Queen’s Promenade
  • Retire To The Parlour – my blog about pre-1950’s beards, kilts and dapper gentlepersons in photography and art
  • Thargoids – random stuff that doesn’t fit into the other things, mostly memes and politics, this will probably stay as an archive

Also given that Flickr has taken it’s toys away (I have a Pro account, I don’t want two!) and Google is deleting Google+ and associated photos (really will Insta be next?) I have backed up my various Flickr, Picasa and Insta sites onto my own photo site which is also stored here because, well the other ones are going to disappear – currently nearly 20,000 photos and counting!