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Mitchell and Kenyon

Like a window to the past…as the comments go, if I had a time machine a la Doctor Who I’d be so there…I’ve seen similar of a London tram ride, and of course there was the man who filmed that bridge in Leeds, and the first ever film, then disappeared, changing the history of Cinema forever…I might post those if I find ‘em.


this is really an awesome find, major kudos to the OP. it’s stunning to see so many fine edwardian gents and ladies and children all crushed together in the bustling of day to day life, with their tight faces and their stiff collars. ah, to have lived in this swirling sea of hats and mustaches…


Edwardian Era (1900s) posted by ThePsybaRat

Footage shot in England and Ireland between 1901-1906. Filmed by the Mitchell and Kenyon film company.

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